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How to make sure Gen Z wants to work for you

Gen Z – those born between 1995 and 2009 –make up almost 30% of the Australian workforce, a proportion that’s set to rapidly grow. These workers already account for more than half of our retail workforce. This generation may be perceived to job-hop, lack motivation and appropriate workplace etiquette and effective communication skills. The reality is that these tech-savvy and creative workers will shortly make up the majority of the local workforce, at a time when innovation, digitalisation and automation are pivotal to organisational success. If you’re looking to hire within this demographic the front-of-mind question is ‘what do we need to do to make them want to work for us?' Learn more

Design Your Own Job – The Benefits of Job Crafting

Creating and maintaining a happy workspace has become an extreme sport for employers. At present, Australian workers are experiencing high levels of stress and burnout, and it’s affecting their enthusiasm for work as well as their mental health.  Instead of employing workers into a pre-determined and fixed job role/function, designed by the organisation, we could enable workers to craft their own job roles. This aims to bring out the best in the individual and create optimal engagement and fulfilment, an approach called ‘job crafting'. Learn more.  

Studies Find that Working From Home Impacts More on Mental Health Than We Had Anticipated

Many workers are resisting their employers' push for them to return to the office, with an increasing number of employees  negotiating the inclusion of clauses allowing them to work from home. However, contrary to popular belief, working in the office might be better for employees’ mental health. Read more.

Versatile leadership: a remedy for low worker engagement

Engaged employees are helping ramp up the business bottom line. According to Gallup’s most recent State of the Global Workplace Report, companies with engaged employees are enjoying a 21% increase in business profitability. On local shores, 23% of Australia’s employees are engaged in their work, putting them on par with the global average. However, statistics still show that 67% of Australian employees are ‘quietly quitting’ and are not engaged in their work.  Significantly, Gallup’s Global Workplace Report notes that 70% of team engagement is attributable to the manager. To address low engagement, we must address leadership. Read more

Are Workplaces Overlooking Women Over 50 And Missing Out?

A growing proportion of our society is choosing to defer their retirement, for reasons varying from the low affordability of retirement, to the desire to remain intellectually stimulated and socially connected through work. However, for women over 50 in particular, ageism proves to be a serious limitation. According to Hazel Stewart, Director of Innovate Learn, a Melbourne-based distributor of solutions from Wilson Learning Worldwide, many women over 50 find themselves marginalised, overlooked or under pressure to retire early – all systemic issues she feels should be addressed. Published in HR Leader.

Empowering Employees For Success in the Factory of the Future

The Australian manufacturing sector is embracing new technologies to thrive in a competitive global market. This has raised concerns for some employees, who fear they’ll be replaced by robots or automation. However, as Innovate Learn MD Hazel Stewart explains this is a common misconception – autonomous does not mean humanless. In this article Hazel and James McKew, Regional Director APAC for Universal Robots, discuss the skills that will be needed in the Factories of The Future and why new technologies offer opportunities for collaboration over competition Published in Industry Update.  

Building A Strong Company Culture In A Virtual World

In a working world where most employee interactions are virtual, and some employees haven’t even met their colleagues in person, how can small-business owners create a clearly defined and unified company culture? Innovate Learn MD Hazel Stewart shares practical tips for leaders looking to navigate this complex process and advice that can be applied across any industry. Published in Inside Small Business.

The Secret To Making Adult Learning Stick

The working world is rapidly changing – and those who fail to update their professional resume are at risk of becoming obsolete. A skills gap exists in the industrial sector, but the good news is that there are proven, practical ways to reskill older professionals. As Hazel Stewart writes in the article linked below, applying best-practice adult learning theory can help to close this capability gap. Published in the December Edition of the Australian Institute of Training and Development Magazine.

Prioritising Mental Health in a Drastically Altered Sales Environment

Much has been said of the economic impact of COVID-19 on the sales industry, but what has been the true emotional cost of the pandemic on those responsible for making those sales? The article includes exclusive commentary from Dr Norman Swan, of ABC’s Coronacast and The Health Report, as he shares his insights into why salespeople have been so vulnerable emotionally during this period and the simple steps they can take to combat the effects of isolation. Published in PKN Packaging News, Industry Update and Retail World.


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