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Our objective is to work with you to positively impact your business and enable your team to deliver on your business goals. We welcome a partnering approach where we work side by side to provide targeted solutions to your business problems.

Innovate Learn offers a full range of Wilson Learning products and services which will be customised and tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

We can also build learning programs and develop initiatives that incorporate your intellectual property to address unique and specific issues.

Understanding your challenges

We engage with your stakeholders to gain an in-depth agreement about the real nature and scope of the problems you want solved. We work with you to ensure that the solution is targeted and connects to your business challenges.

Concept learning

We endeavour to stretch the participants outside their comfort zone with every learning intervention. We do this in a variety of ways:
-High-energy and active workshop environment
-Company-specific case studies
-Discuss, challenge, address workplace issues
-Team v. team challenges

Putting it into practice

Participants are equipped with takeaway strategies they can immediately implement in their workplace. Every learning intervention has sustainability components including:
-On-line learning bytes
-Tools and planners
-One-on-one coaching
-Best practice sessions
-Managers’ equipped with tools to coach, reinforce, evaluate performance and provide feedback

Ongoing support

To ensure the new skills and behaviours are fully embedded and become part of everyday actions we offer:
-Regular check-ins with stakeholders
-One-on-one coaching
-Strategic planning sessions
-Creating a continuous learning journey
-Open line: participants connect directly with facilitator post-workshop

Our learning interventions empower people to create long-lasting sustainable change.

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I've worked with Hazel and Martin from Innovate Learn over 10 years, through four different organisations, which is solid proof that their methods work!

James McKew, Group Sales & Marketing Director, SMC

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