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Develop the leadership skills of your team

Are your leaders equipped for today’s business challenges?
Can they deliver to all stakeholders?
We can help you develop leadership capability at all levels from front line to executive level.

Flexible leadership solutions, customised and tailored to suit the needs of your organisation at every leadership level.

Do your emerging leaders have the skills to get the best from their teams? Are they equipped to move up to meet your organisation’s future growth requirements?

Leadership development must be the centre piece of any change initiative. Can your leaders successfully stimulate, inspire and encourage their teams to embrace change and execute on your strategic goals?

When history points to great failures and great successes of companies, it always points to the character of the leader.

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Innovate Learn offers the following leadership programs created and owned by Wilson Learning Worldwide:

Programs overview

Building Relationship Versatility (BRV)

Leaders understand behavioural differences and motivations. They learn how to adapt communications and increase their versatility in order to work more productively with their teams, peers and their own managers. Highly versatile leaders can more effectively persuade, influence, negotiate and resolve conflict.

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Creating a Culture of Engagement (CCE)

A Change Management program that helps to increase employee engagement and strengthen teams. Leaders learn how to create five critical engagement elements in their organisations in order to inspire and motivate their people to execute on strategic goals and priorities.

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Getting to Yes (GTY)

Builds skills in questioning, listening, problem solving, persuading, strategizing , and countering unfair tactics.
Developed in partnership with Dr. William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Project, participants learn personal negotiating and influencing skills and how to focus on interests rather than take positions.

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The Leader Manager (TLM)

Provides framework and skills for Middle and Upper Management to create high performance, engagement and fulfilment within their teams. It helps them to make the shift from being managers to being real leaders. Assessment instrument included (TLM Inventory).

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Leading for Growth™ (LFG)

Transition from a heroic leadership style and create and empowering working environment. Understand that a heroic, control-orientated style prevents employees from feeling empowered and committed. Learn how to transfer power and responsibilities to employees, while continuing to provide support and guidance.

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Leading from Within (LFW)

Grow leadership capability through exploring and identifying gaps between beliefs and actions. Explore personal leadership qualities in terms of purpose, values, strengths, and vision and develop a strategy to turn the vision into action.

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Leading in Challenging Times™ (LCT)

Understand the nature of change and build morale after significant disruption. Identify typical negative reactions to change and create strategies to refocus the energies of employees and build commitment to a common, inspiring purpose.

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Leading for Performance (LFP)

A series of modules to equip entry level managers with management skills and leadership competencies. Ideally delivered over a series of weeks/months interspersed with application assignments:

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Lighthouse Coaching: Virtual Learning

Provides practical coaching skills and techniques for managers with team members spread across different locations. Leaders will be able to create an environment that encourages employees to reach their full potential.

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The Growth Leadership Inventory

Measures a leader’s capability to build strategic, innovative, and collaborative culture. Team members provide input via an on-line survey. Assists organisations to maximise the potential of their workforce and guide development initiatives.

The Leader Manager Inventory

Measures five leadership practices: Direction, Goals, Feedback, Recognition, and Support. It also gauges the level of performance with fulfilment among direct reports.

The Leader Navigator

Highly flexible and configurable 360-degree measurement tool for different leadership levels and capability requirements. Comprehensive report provides survey results including top three strengths and development opportunities, together with development recommendations.

Leaders must deliver to all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, lenders, employees. This can be challenging, particularly during disruption and change. Innovate Learn can build capability at every leadership level to drive change, foster innovation and create employee commitment, engagement and loyalty.

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Innovate Learn has added another dimension with its post-workshop coaching. It has imbedded the learning and had an immediate impact on morale, confidence and business results.

Trevor Owen, CEO, Alerton

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