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Increase the sales effectiveness of your team

Are you looking for higher margins, greater sales productivity and a decreased risk of competitive threats? Our sales training will advance your team’s strategic capabilities and consultative selling skills for sustained success.

Flexible sales training solutions that are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Innovate Learn has research-based sales development solutions, developed by Wilson Learning Worldwide, that cater for entry level selling through to sophisticated, large account management.

We provide an integrated sales and service approach to give you consistent language and methodologies across your sales and service organisations, ensuring that all customer-facing staff add value at every step of the sales and service process.

Research shows that only 20% of salespeople focus on value for the customer.

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Innovate Learn offers the following programs created and owned by Wilson Learning Worldwide:

Programs overview

The Counsellor Salesperson (CSP)

Develops consultative and strategic skills and capabilities that enable salespeople to create and maintain deeper customer relationships. They learn how to uncover what the customer truly values so they can add value at every step of the sales process.

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The Consultative Planner (CSP for financial services)

Develop consultative skills to enable financial planners and advisers to have broader, deeper and more future-focused discussions with their clients. As a trusted adviser they will explore clients’ priorities, interests and needs in a greater depth and develop strategies to satisfy the client’s financial goals and aspirations. Accredited by the FPA for CPD points.

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Counsellor Prospecting (CP)

Enables salespeople to win business and outdo the competition. Salespeople focus on finding better suspects and higher-quality prospects – and then make critical “go/no-go” decisions.

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Negotiating to Yes (NTY)

Develop influencing and principled negotiation skills specifically for a sales environment. Build skills in questioning, listening, persuading, strategizing, problem solving, and countering unfair tactics.

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Sales Advantage Series (SAS)

A series of modules that equip Key Account Managers, and others with large account management responsibility, with the capabilities to act as true business advisors. They will be able to differentiate themselves and their company’s products, solutions and services and set them apart from the competition.

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Turning Information into Sales (TIS)

Gain advanced discovery capability to uncover additional layers of important customer information. This superior level of knowledge enables salespeople to differentiate themselves and their company by creating more compelling solutions and recommendations.

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Mastering Sucessful Presentations (MSP)

Craft the right message for your audience, address reactions and questions, persuasively make your point. Confidently deliver content and visual aids to both large customer groups or smaller client meetings and engage your audience a the critical moment of influence.

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The Versatile Salesperson (VSP)

Meet customer requirements and buying preferences – and quickly build trust and comfort – by adjusting your selling style. An on-line profiling tool collects feedback from peers, managers and colleagues and customers on each participant’s perceived communication style and versatility levels.

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The Consultative Service Provider (TCSP)

Organisations that already use CSP can imbed a consistent methodology and language across both sales and service organisations, resulting in higher productivity and sales revenues. This program integrates CSP concepts with critical customer service skills to enable service teams to provide a higher level of service at every touchpoint.

The Consultative Process (TCP)

Builds communication and business problem-solving skills with external or internal clients. TCP enables business-focused conversations at all levels of an organisation by developing positive relationships built on credibility, shared purpose, and trust. Participants learn how to ask questions that uncover client needs and interests, put forward recommendations and facilitate decision making.

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Inbound Sales Excellence (ISE)

Overcome challenges inherent in call-centre environments. Learn efficient ways to quickly communicate competence, establish credibility, understand customer problems and make completing recommmedations – and up-sell and cross-sell products/services as appropriate.

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Signature Service: The Key to Customer Satisfaction®

Service providers at all levels develp and apply the skills necessary to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Provide a customer-focused interaction process that includes self-management techniques, questioning and listening skills and specific responses for a range of customer conditions.

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Coaching for Sales Performance (CFSP)

Create workplace conditions that encourage sales productivity. Clarify expectations, make sound observations about performance, gain input from team members and create action plans.

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Coaching the Counsellor Salesperson (CCSP)

Sales leaders learn how to have specific coaching conversations to continually reinforce and coach sales performance – specifically coaching to The Counsellor Salesperson (CSP) skills.

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The Sales Leader Manager (SLM)

Sales leaders align their efforts and motivate their sales teams by using Five Practices: Direction, Goals, Feedback, Recognition, and Support. They help their salespeople align to the organisation’s strategic direction, realising their full potential, achieving higher revenue and profitability and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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The Counsellor Salesperson (CSP) Challenge

A situational judgement test to diagnose selling skills prior to attending a workshop. It also provides sales managers with insights into individual development needs so coaching can focus on these areas.

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Customer Relationshop Inventory (CRI)

An optional on-line tool for use prior to The Counsellor Salesperson (CSP). Customers provide feedback on sales skills and behaviours.

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Sales Leader Navigator (SLN)

A configurable 360 tool, based on a flexible sales leader competency model, that evaluates sales leadership skills at all experience levels. SLN gathers input from salespeople, peers and/or managers. The report includes development recommendations to support individual improvement of the highest-priority skill needs.

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Salesperson Navigator (SN)

A configurable 360 tool that rates a salesperson’s behaviours against key sales competencies with input from customers, peers, self and managers. Development recommendations are included in the report to support individual improvement of the highest-priority skill needs.

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In today's marketplace buyers are time poor and have high expectations. Salespeople need to quickly build trust and credibility to engage customers in meaningful dialogue. We can develop your team to drive exceptional performance and sustained success.

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If you are in a customer-facing role, whether it be direct sales, sales support, customer service or service delivery then I can't recommend The Counsellor Salesperson highly enough.

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