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Enhance team communication across your business

Do you have groups of individual contributors? Are there low levels of trust, collaboration and connectivity? Do your people work virtually across different cultures? We can help break down silos and create an environment that fosters innovation, engagement and loyalty.

Help your organisation deliver on its strategic goals by creating a more engaged and committed workforce.

Do all your employees deliver value to your customers? Do they have the capabilities needed to lead themselves, collaborate with others and ultimately help your organisation execute on strategy.

Whilst companies need strong brands for marketplace differentiation, employees also need strong personal brands that enable them to build more productive relationships with their managers, team members and customers.

We can help you to build highly versatile, innovative and productive teams that can problem-solve, influence, work cross-culturally and virtually and contribute to, and strengthen, your company’s brand.

Organisational change is constant and often chaotic. The need for strong, resilient teams is greater than ever before.

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Innovate Learn offers the following Individual and Team development programs created and owned by Wilson Learning Worldwide:

Programs overview

Building Relationship Versatility (BRV)

Empower your employees to influence, persuade and resolve conflict more effectively. By understanding behavioural differences, motivations and how styles react under tension, individuals will work more productively with colleagues, managers and leadership groups.

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Getting to Yes (GTY)

Build skills in questioning, listening, problem solving, persuading, strategizing, and countering unfair tactics. Developed in partnership with Dr. William Ury, participants learn personal negotiating and influencing skills and focus on interests rather than take positions.

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Mastering Sucessful Presentations (MSP)

Craft the right message for your audience, address reactions and questions, persuasively make your point. Confidently deliver content and visual aids and engage at the critical moment of influence.

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The Consultative Process (TCP)

Equips professionals who engage with both internal and external clients to have business-focused conversations at all levels of an organisation. Develops problem-solving skills and positive relationships built on credibility, shared purpose, and trust.

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Global Effectiveness (GE)

Improves international business communication skills and helps to avoid culture shock. Skills based on five cross-cultural dimensions are learned and applied to improve international business communications with colleagues and customers in different countries.

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Innovation in Action Series (IIA)

This modular series provides tools, skills, and processes for individuals, teams, and work groups to generate new ideas and implement innovation solutions.

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Leading from Within (LFW)

Explore personal leadership qualities. What are your benefits, your purpose, your values and your strengths? Develop a strategy to turn your personal leadership vision into action.

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Working in Challenging Times™ (WCT)

The impact of significant organisation change is examined. Typical negative reactions to change are identified and personal strategies developed to refocus energies on a new and inspiring purpose.

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Managing Virtual Team Communications: Virtual Learning

Engages dispersed team members in a virtual situation. Critical communication and process tools to are used to improve the way they work with team members.

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Building Positive Influence - Managing the People: Virtual Learning

Assists people to better manage difficult workplace situations. They learn to manage both the situation and the stakeholders, conduct focused conversations, and deal with tough people challenges.

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Building Positive Influence - Managing the Task: Virtual Learning

Explore the interests behind the positions that people take and create options for win-win solutions. Leverage independent standards that add credibility, create best alternatives to a negotiated agreement, and positively handle resistance.

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Your products and brand can provide a point of difference in the marketplace. But products can be replicated, reducing the power of your brand. Innovate Learn can help you differentiate through your people to enhance your customer experience and the value of your brand.

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Innovate Learn delivered social styles to our team and the results were immediate. The team is much more aware of their impact on others and it's been a bonding experience. There's a lot more internal interaction and comparing notes, especially when interacting with customers.

Nick Psahoulias, Managing Director, BECKHOFF Automation

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